Since laser hair removal is such a popular treatment for removing unwanted hair, and you can find laser hair removal practitioners on every high street, it must be a safe procedure. But is this correct? Generally speaking, laser hair removal is safe and it is often carried out with no adverse effects. But sometimes problems can occur, and sometimes these problems can result in severe injuries. Unfortunately, many practitioners are not qualified or experienced enough to carry out the treatment which, in professional hands, should be safe.

If you experience any kind of injury after having laser hair removal surgery, consult with a specialist personal injury lawyer with experience in cosmetic injury claims. Here is a quick guide to the process of making a compensation claim.

Ask Questions Before Your Procedure

Minimise the risk of anything going wrong by making sure you are working with a reputable and professional practitioner. Ask them about the risks of the procedure and if it is suitable for your skin type. Check what type of laser will be used and why it is being used. Ask about any adverse effects that have been experienced by other people. And ask how many treatments will be needed.

Know About Negligence

Staff carrying out laser hair removal treatments do not need to be medically trained and they do not need to meet any health and safety requirements aside from those that are regularly asked of people in the beauty industry. But they do have a professional duty of care to make sure that they perform a laser hair removal treatment to a high standard and without error. Negligence can result in swelling and excessive soreness, burns, scars, blistering, and skin discoloration. If negligence has caused these issues you may be able to make a laser burn claim.

Why Should You Make a Claim?

You should not have to suffer physical or emotional damage due to something that was not your fault. By making a claim for compensation you can get back some of the money that you spend on medical care and for the cost of lost working days. You can also claim for emotional distress that may have affected your work or personal life. The costs of medical care can be considerable if there has been a serious injury, and you have the right to seek compensation in the result of negligent laser hair removal. By making a claim you also lower the risk of the practitioner doing the same thing to someone else and causing more serious injury, or possibly even a fatality.