On June 20, at the ZF Global Media conference, Dr. Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF, and Dr. Rolf Breidenbach, CEO of the Hella Group, unveiled and announced that the two sides will open strategic cooperation. Faced with the rapid development Sensor of the automotive industry and electrification, digital and other new trends brought about by many challenges, in order to better meet customer and market demand, improve industry competitiveness, industry Baotuan cooperation is gradually started.

   The car industry is undergoing disruptive changes, there are many challenges, while enhancing their own strength, but also hope to establish an ecosystem, with many industry leaders to cooperate to create a higher value of products and services. Hella hopes to strengthen the industry through its technical leadership, to further expand the market. The cooperation between the two sides mainly Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor around the camera and radar two sensing technology, which is the basis of automatic development in the core.

  In recent years, ZF has been increasing investment in new technology, and for digital and automatic driving, it is earlier put forward the 'observation - thinking - action' development concept, and now in this area has shown more hardware and software innovation solutions. For the sensors involved in the 'observation', ZF itself has a strong technical accumulation, in recent years is the acquisition of lbeo Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., communications and sensing technology company Astyx Communication \u0026 Sensors GmbH and other shares to jointly develop laser radar, high Frequency radar and other advanced sensing solutions. The Hella, radar technology has been in the industry's leading position last year is ushered in its first 10 million 24GHz radar sensor off the assembly line, and has a more mature industry is the mainstream trend of 77GHZ radar products. Relatively speaking, the technical advantages of Hai La is more good at short-range radar system, and long-range radar is ZF's strengths. Both sides will build long-term partnerships in the development of radar systems to build a comprehensive product portfolio that will provide attractive batch solutions in the short term. Here, the real potential Temperature Sensor for long-term development partnership is to be able to take advantage of the common architecture of both parties and the product line that adapts to each other.

  In the camera, the future, NCAP safety scoring standard will require the camera to support the auxiliary function, so all vehicles on the front camera demand increased. To this end, the front camera system is also ZF and Hella will cooperate ABS Sensor in the first project, related products will be available in 2020. The project development ZF and Hella will take the form of soft and hard combination, ZF is responsible for providing equipment, systems and integration of professional, and Haira and its subsidiaries are responsible for efficient testing imaging software and its application development.

   Hella has a wealth of experience and strength in the sensor, complemented by the advantages of ZF, the market can provide leading driving assistance and automatic driving function. In addition, the cooperation will further enhance the Hella in imaging and radar sensor technology leadership. For the rapid development of automatic driving technology, cooperation with Hella to strengthen the ZF as a driving support Throttle Position Sensor and automatic driving integrated supplier status. In addition, this non-exclusive cooperation, King Ecosystem partners on an important expansion. Can create a broader technical foundation for safe and automatic driving.