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Carolyne Brennan is an Award Winning Industry Specialist Artist/Designer/Tutor Fashion Jewellery Glass & Ceramics and owner of Hot Dot Designs by Carolyne Brennan.

Carolyne has been a successful practising artist for the past 25 years and has been teaching from her private studios and workshops in Sydney, Australia conducting full time classes in jewellery making and design along with one day specialized workshops in clay/glass/wire and jewellery techniques.

Qualifications: Associate Diploma in Ceramics, Certificate in Ceramics, Mould Making, Experienced Silver Smithing, Soldering, Glass Fusing, 17 years past teaching experience with TAFE.

Current Work: designing a wearable art range with clay pendants & beads crossing the product over with handmade glass.

Current Production: Ceramic beads and pendants/ceramic heavily decorated jewellery boxes and Lizards!! The love of making her flying Frilled neck ceramic lizards will never fade, they are now her trade mark and have been collected and live all over the world.

Influences: Drawn from the Art Deco period with its strong borders, patterning, geometry, style, and form.

Animals and reptiles of which Carolyne has a great fondness for, often feature in her work. Among her many group exhibitions was Art at the Zoo held at Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney, Australia raising funds for the Orang-utans Rainforest exhibit.

Her work shows a strong Art Deco influence, and she's been exhibited around Australia and is represented in private collections around the world.

You can check out more of her work, get your supplies, sign up for classes, and see a bunch of cool stuff at Hot Dot Designs.

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