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Born in South Africa where I spent a very happy and adventurous life. Went to varsity at age of 33 and got two degrees... Also had my own real estate business . My two children came to live in USA after getting their degrees ....worked , married, and when daughter had her first daughter I had to come here to be a "hands on" granny....of course ! Love it and now have 7 grandies ! Was able to travel a lot and so enjoyed all the different cultures I came into contact with. Am addicted to adrenalin and did a lot of things that scared and excited me....learning to fly planes, helicopters, and captaining a yacht. Now retired , living happily with my tiny Yorkshire terroir. Have adapted to living in Denver and the snow(brrr!), driving on the wrong side of the road...and other oddities of this modern IT world. Would be fun to communicate with others who have had a ball getting to be a boomer...albeit that's there were some bumps along the road!

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