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Middle aged Crone, living with Parents doing what I can to help out. Retired early from the State of Alaska so I could come down to Nevada to help out with my folks. For a while we had a three generational household, but my kids finally got their groove on and are on their own, two back in Alaska, one here in Nevada. Because I took early retirement I've been doing different things to try and supplement my income. Is hard to do a home based business in the middle of the high desert, minimal two hours from any large community. I tried my trained vocation of document and graphic formatting, sort of outdated now with templates and do it yourself websites. Have been working on jewelry since 2012. My aunt wanted someone to pass on her bead embroidery passion to. I figured why not give it a try. ABSOLUTELY FOUND MY PASSION. Unfortunately, unless you have a way to hit craft fairs, etc. in the larger communities, bead embroidery really doesn't pay until you make a name for yourself. Catch 22. I started working with memory wire and may be able to do something with that. I know I will find something eventually. Physical limitations restrict what I can do in a "job." Hoping to have bariatric surgery this year which we are betting will take care of some of my limitations by getting the weight off. To top all that off, I will be trying to move my folks to Spokane next year. With my weight off, I figure I can muster up the physical ability to get this place marketable so we can sell it for enough to buy outright in Spokane where I will have some help with my folks when the time comes I can't leave them home alone. Plus, medical facilities are so much better for the geriatric crowd in Spokane.

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