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David began his competitive life as one of three brothers and a sister. Since then he’s taken a sports road-less-traveled by playing high school football for one of the worst teams that became one of the best after he graduated.

The football experience led him to a sport with a winning tradition. He found wrestling and became a high school all-American, a hungry college wrestler, and earned a tryout for the All Army Team when he joined the service. And got pounded.

David is an active researcher, skills he honed during twenty years with the Oregon Historical Society. Married, with two millennial sons, he connects sports and fitness to the realities of baby boomer life, with no mention ever of skydiving or base-jumping.

So far.

His education wavered between English major/Fiction writer at the University of Oregon where he met Ken Kesey, to a BS in History from Portland State with news writing.

He’s run a marathon, done an endurance bike ride, and participated in adventure races. He’s published columns on the good manners of cage fighters, how to save a life at the local gym, and a weekly column for Oregon Sports News.

He covers a wide variety of fascinating topics on his boomer-centric blog, Boomer PDX. Check it out -- you'll be glad you did.

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