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My early life and formative years were traumatic, I'm not sure how I made it through school. I started my career as a prosecutor, judge than 20 years of private practice. A phenomenal career and was able to retire early, now I get up late and sneak up on the mirror where it looks like I combed my hair with an eggbeater. Nonetheless today I work with a group of physicist from Noetic Sciences in the area of Conscious Based Science, my background in physics and chemistry finally paid off. However my real passion is film, the only thing is I'm not good at it, there is never a 5 year old around when you need one to show me how to turn on stuff. I had little or no idea how technical this industry was, I'm no Steven Spellberg and I'm no Jack Kennedy either. So I stumble around in my home with the anticipation of exercising, yoga, going to the gym, meditation of which I do none, but it sounds like a good idea. I don't know where my sense of motivation, inspiration and creativity has gone but it has definitely left the building. I do enjoy the simple aspects of life if I only had a simple life, my children never come see me, my ex wife hates me, both dogs died and a new dog that was to be my trusted friend took one look at me and bolted never to be seen again.

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