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Hi, I love the ocean and anything to do with the water. The waves the sunrise and the sand. Oh my. I love spending time with my grown children. Adventures are welcoming at any time. Fall and Autumn are my favorite time of year, minus the raking of the leaves. That is why I moved to Florida 10 years ago. It should only snow on Christmas Eve. I love to wander around flea markets and "thrifting" is a great pastime. I own an online vintage and antique market that keeps be busy. I had a couple of stores but the overhead was a killer, that is why I decided to go online. I love old movies and the BBC, just watched Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth) for the 10th time. I can be happy at a drop of a pin. But sad just as fast. My motto is "Life is what you can while you can still do it." In general you need to be happy with yourself. You will be ok if you can make it through the bad times. Love and Peace From An Old Hippie.

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