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Certified Intuitive Counselor, Mother of 3, Nona of 4, who have settled in to PAS, which is my current cause. I don't consider myself a victim, but was misdiagnosed as Bipolar, instead of the Domestic Abuse that was referred to initially , when Xanax addicted me without me being aware in 89. It is something professionals avoid address, family ignores , and society backs up in their unknowing, unless the person is murdered . I stand for communication, conscious parenting, no forced vaccines , and addressing the human rights violations that lurk in many facets of our lives, and many who just don't have time nor desire to research, read, and utilize their experiences for progressive forward movement . I believe as always that children are gifts from god , and they are here to teach us, and so as we look around, at the many things that create a less that compassionate world for many, having had the lessons, of childhood molestation, that was ignored , and never addressed , nor spoken of, and how that thwarted my internal guidance that is a right, and inheritance for each soul on earth today. Learning from the past, and study, teaches me that this is an evolution in spiritual , not a revolution as some would have it. Anger and vengeance are old news and toxically permeate many in society . I try to instill self empowerment , utilizing my life , and sharing hope. And I spend much time alone where spirit finds me , and I write, often releasing emotions of 13 years and more when in my own home I was shunned and ignored as ex partner clearly showed our 3 sons my illness was something I chose to get out of mothering and keeping house. That torment goes on IF I allow it, but enough has been said and done. to teach me, there are many differing views on parenthood , and lots of critics and competitors . I am "clean" off of all RX medications but for Armor Raw thyroid , which should have prevented any medications , but greed and power have had a long ride against my life overlong; it has ended , as ex prefers to consider my relationship with our sons would hold him to light, and as he uses and abuses sons , that I wish to rebuild a relationship with sons to "get him back" Ah the root of the toxic.. and it ain't easy. I blog, council, and take part in my community despite chronic health issues .

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