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I am a retired police officer. In 1969, I graduated from Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, Ohio. I attended Ohio University, but was drafted into the Army prior to completing my degree. When I was discharged, I did finish up my Bachelor's Degree at Ohio University. I worked at a new maximum security prison that had just been constructed. It was advertised in the local paper that a test was going to be given for the position of police officer. I took the test and scored high enough to be selected to join the Portsmouth Police Department. I spent twenty-six years there and retired. During that time I was pursuing a Masters degree in Criminal Justice at Tiffin University. Unfortunately, I blew out several discs out of my back and went through about seven neurosurgeries. Due to the injuries, I couldn't complete the course work, It required about five hours driving time, ten hours of classwork, and five more hours to return home. After I retired, I moved to Indiana, and took a job as a casework manager at Indiana's Largest Maximum Security Prison. My health went South again after eight years at the prison, and I finally had to retire on disability. I am now currently in the position of completing a Masters. At some point, I may pursue a PhD, but I don't know at this time. My hobbies included martial arts, riding my Harley, shooting, tennis and table tennis. Unfortunately, a lot of those had to go by the wayside. I am normally a jovial individual. I love jokes. I have a very even disposition, but I do strongly hold to my beliefs. I don't criticize others for their beliefs. They have just as much right to their opinion as I do mine. I do have one bad trait. It is not wise to attempt to push me to my breaking point. There is a line in the sand, so to speak, that I won't cross it. If someone attempts to do that, one of us is in serious trouble. Even with the pain, fusions and all the metal I have in my vertebrae, I can still defend myself. If you get the impression I'm stubborn, you would be correct. I attempt to not allow anything from stopping me in whatever pursuit I am involved with. Normally I am a very easy going individual. I love to read, I enjoy mathematics, and I enjoy working on my computer. I enjoy listening to the oldies, (50's, 60's & 70's.) I also love my four pure bred European German Shepherds that live in the house with me. The baby is six months old, and he already weighs over sixty pounds. The other three average about 130lbs. And no, they are not fat, and they don't eat people food.

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