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60+, but my brain thinks I'm a lot younger. (Foolish brain!). Married to my best friend. Mother of two sons; step-mom of two daughters; grandmother of a collective 6 (7 in the near future we hope). I love music of almost all genres. I read everything I can get my hands on, with a particular love for science fiction & fantasy. Like many of my contemporaries, I watch way too much TV - crime shows, Sci-Fi, some Hallmark Channel, DIY shows, no reality TV, except the talent shows (The Voice, American Idol & America's Got Talent). Because my husband is such a guy, I also watch a lot of car shows, Nascar, and God help me, cooking shows, food shows, and more food shows. I like to cook & like to try recipes from different cultures. My most recent interest is Greek cuisine. I want to fully retire some day and travel. I'd love to see other parts of the world. I gal can dream can't she.

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