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Born - September 6, 1942......Died - TBA I was born on a hard scrabble cotton farm in the poorest section of East Texas. Spent most of my youth studying for the gallows. By the time I escaped from the public education system after twelve years, I had a snootfull of education.Didn't get into college until I was almost thirty. Spent all of my working years in the printing business as a commercial artist. Working for a living is highly over rated. The third happiest day of my life was the day that I retired. Just for the record, the second happiest day was the day I graduated from high school, and the number one happiest day was the day that the U.S. Army fired me after five months of enforced servitude. I wasn't a cooperative employee. Have been married a couple of times, but who hasn't. Have had dozens of hobbies including flying, photography, gun collecting and target shooting and too many others to mention. Don't do any of those things any more. Am presently into collecting vintage watches and old Coleman lanterns. I spend too much time on the computer, surfing the net. I find that more enjoyable than interacting with real people and the real world. EDIT: Hmm....I see that we still can't do paragraphs here on our profile pages. Oh well.

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