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Los Angeles-based Gloria Lintermans is a former internationally syndicated columnist. Her column appeared in English and Spanish language newspapers across the U.S. from Hawaii to New York, and worldwide from Saudi Arabia to South America. Lintermans is the author of THE SECRETS TO STEPFAMILY SUCCESS: Revolutionary Tools to Create a Blended Family of Support and Respect (Llumina Press, May 2010), THE HEALING POWER OF GRIEF: The Journey Through Loss to Life and Laughter, (Sourcebooks, 2006), THE HEALING POWER OF LOVE: Transcending the Loss of a Spouse to New Love (Sourcebooks, 2006), CHEAP CHIC: A Guide to LA's Resale Boutiques (1990), the "ultimate guide to recycled fashion," and forerunner of RETRO CHIC: A Guide to Fabulous Vintage and Designer Resale Shopping in North America & Online (Really Great Books, Los Angeles, 2002) and THE NEWLY DIVORCED BOOK OF PROTOCOL, (Barricade Books, New York, 1995). A freelance writer, she has also written for national and local magazines. Lintermans has appeared on radio and television talk shows across the country including: the "Donna Mason Show," Raleigh, NC; "Steve Kalk Show," Beaver Falls, PA; "Morning Drive with John Dawson," Albany, GA; "Tim Quinn Show," Bridgeport, CT, "What You Should Know About," Philadelphia, PA; "Memphis in the Morning," Memphis, TN; "Kent Slocum Show," Grand Rapids, MI; "The Michael Jackson Show," Los Angeles, CA, among others. She has hosted her own "Looking Great with Gloria Lintermans" cable television and radio shows and is a popular lecturer and commentator. Lintermans is a member of The Authors Guild, Inc. and S.A.G./A.F.T.R.A. (American Federation of Television & Radio Artists). BIOGRAPHY GLORIA LINTERMANS Author - Syndicated Columnist – Freelance Writer (818) 763-2731 FAX (818) 763-8738 E-Mail: / Web site: Representation: Literary Agent (Adult Non-Fiction): Sharlene Martin, MARTIN LITERARY MANAGEMENT; 321 High School Road NE, Suite D-3, #316, Bainbridge, WA 98110 206-201-3504, FAX 206-201-3506 Public Relations Hal Phillips, PHILLIPS P.R.; Professional Organizations: The Authors Guild, Inc. A.F.T.R.A. (American Federation of Television & Radio Artists) National Writers Union Newspaper Columnist: 1974-1999: Creator "LOOKING GREAT," a weekly internationally syndicated fashion, beauty, health and fitness newspaper (Q & A) advice column. This column appeared in the Akron, OH Beacon-Journal, Baltimore News-American, Beachwood, OH Health News Digest, Beaver, PA Beaver County News, Boston Herald-American, Burbank, CA Daily Review, Colorado Springs Sun, Moline, IL Daily Dispatch, Redlands, CA The Daily Facts, The Daily Oklahoman & Times, St. George, UT Daily Spectrum, Dayton Daily News, Denver Rocky Mountain News, Fenton, MI Tri-County News, Florence, AL Times Daily, Kaneohe, HI Sun/Midweek Magazine, Keene, NH Sentinel, Kenosha, WI. News, Glendale, CA. News-Press, Greenville, Carolina The Greenville News, Columbia, SC PennySaver, Philadelphia Inquirer, Portland, OR Oregonian, Sacramento, CA Sacramento Union, Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret News, San Antonio News, San Diego Evening Tribune, Santa Monica, CA Evening Outlook, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Los Angeles, CA Senior Life, W. Columbia, SC Shopper, Spring, TX Spring Times, Williamson, WV News, Ypsilanti, MI Press, Canada The Calgary Herald, The Winnipeg Sun, Saudi Arabia - Dubai Khaleej Times, Jeddah Saudi Gazette, Dubai Woman Abroad, Barbados The National Publishing, Bridgetown The Nation, and Singapore Times Periodicals, Ltd. "LOOKING GREAT" has also been translated into Spanish and appeared in the Miami, FL Diario Las Americas and Empressa El Diario de Hoy, New York, El Diario La Prensa, Los Angeles, CA La Opinion, Winter Park, FL Latino International, Asuncion, Paraguay ABC Color, Quitto, Mexico Diario La Hora, Caracas, Venezuela Editorial Elite, San Pedro Sula, Editorial La Nacion, Sto. Domingo, El Caribe, San Salvador, El Salvador El Diario de Hoy, Tijuana, Mexico El Haraldo de BC., Chihuanua, Mexico El Heraldo, Santiago, Chile El Mercurio, El Salvador, Empressa El Diario de Hoy, Cali, Columbia El Pais, Monterrey, Mexico El Porvenir, Tampico, Mexico El Sol de Tampico, Mexico D.F. Excelsior, San Jose, Costa Rica La Nacion, Torreon, Mexico La Opinion, Guadai Ajara, Mexico Ocho Columnas, Juarez, Mexico Periodistica, El Dorano, Mexico La Prensa, Honduras, C.A. Prensa, San Pedro Sula, Honduras La Prensa, Willemstad, Curacao La Presa, Tamulipas, Mexico Prensa de Reynosa, Panama, The Star & Herald, Bucaramanga, Columbia Vanguardia Liberal, and Pueblo, Mexico La Voy de Puebla. Books: THE SECRETS TO STEPFAMILY SUCCESS: Revolutionary Tools to Create a Blended Family of Support and Respect (Llumina Press, May 2010) THE SECRETS TO STEPFAMILY SUCCESS offers tools that can significantly lower the alarming rate of step and blended family divorce, helping familiesevolve into highly nurturing, reliable refuges of warmth, safety, encouragement, strength, caring, and joy. Step and blended families have a unique dynamic with which couples must cope, along with all the other normal challenges of life and marriage. See how these families differ in up to sixty structural and dynamic ways from typical intact biological families--including consisting of two co-parenting homes and ex-spouses—and learn how to successfully recognize and manage these challenges. For most couples, trying to build a successful remarriage can mysteriously bring out their deepest personal fears, longings, shames, and hopes. The key to not only survival, but living this journey well, begins with discovering opportunities to heal and to succeed; it is not about blame or badness. With the right preparation and resources, a multi-home step or blended family can be a stable and solid foundation for co-parents and children. “The Secrets to Stepfamily Success will certainly lead to positive change in step and blended family members’ lives. Not only is it rich with valuable tools, learnable skills, and resources to enable a successful remarriage, but it is also inspirational as it calls everyone on the remarriage journey— whether you are considering remarriage or already experiencing step or blended family living—to action; i.e., to explore his or her own self-growth development. For those who want a lasting and happy remarried life, this book is a must-read. “Congratulations and thank you for helping to improve the lives of millions of remarried people who are raising step and blended families!” Paula Bisacre, CEO, Remarriage LLC, Publisher,; Creator, “On Remarriage” column, The Washington Times “This is the most thorough work on stepfamilies I have seen—the depth and breadth of The Secrets to Stepfamily Success make it a handbook of great value for both professionals and stepfamily members in navigating the complex territory of stepfamily life.” Joan Sarin, M.S., Founder, Stepfamily Solutions ( “I've been working through your book. I tend to look at it as more of a stepfamily life workbook rather than a book to read through quickly. As I have read through, stopped to make notes, made charts, lists and had insightful conversations with my children and the man I've begun dating, I've learned so much and have been able to define more of what I want and need in a relationship, what reasons I have for wanting to be in a relationship and a possible re-marriage, what I think a healthy co-parenting stepfamily will look like and what it will/may be like to merge two family units one day. “This book is a valuable resource that I will recommend to everyone I meet who is either divorced and starting a new relationship or who is already part of a stepfamily. Wouldn't it be great if this were required reading for every newly divorced person? Think of how healthy all of their new relationships/re-marriages would be!” Natalie Franklin, Administrator, Life in a Blender “One of the hardest things about being a parent is becoming a stepparent. When I met my husband in 1990, I didn’t think much about the difficulties of raising someone else’s children. I thought that since I was a parent myself, we would get along so well. That’s not what happened. Reality set in pretty fast. “What I wasn’t prepared for, was all the complexities of having other people involved in our families, all the decision making that needed to be done by more people than just my husband and I. Twenty years ago, stepfamily information wasn’t as readily available as it is today. Internet was in it’s infancy for those that knew about it and searching for information was a lot more complicated than today. “Stepfamilies are now becoming more aware that they are not all the same and in order to succeed they need to understand what makes them different. And yet, many refuse to look and face the issues that can make or break relationships. This is apparent with the high rate of divorce in remarriages. “Gloria’s book The Secrets to Stepfamily Success: Revolutionary Tools to Create a Blended Family of Support and Respect provides the tools and skills to make stepfamilies more successful. She approaches the issues with a lot of open and positive insights that make changes possible, even in challenging relationships. “Many stepfamilies have a hard time finding good resources all in one place. They often go here and there to look for what they need for their particular situation. Gloria brought all this information together. This book is more than just a collection of data on stepfamilies. It’s about becoming empowered and hopeful that your family will succeed. “This book starts with the importance of grieving the dissolution of the nuclear or traditional family, for if these issues are not resolved, they will affect any future relationships you will have and those of the children. Gloria also addresses the importance of defining your roles and rules within the home, dealing with money, sexual attractions between stepsiblings, setting boundaries and the issue of discipline. Each topic has great examples of what it looks like in a successful stepfamily and ideas of what to do. It also addresses the more than 60 ways stepfamilies are different from nuclear or traditional families, addressing why communication is often a big problem in relationships and how to address this. “Gloria mentions that flexibility is key to a healthy marriage; ‘how can you be flexible if you do not know where you, your spouse and the children stand and what everyone needs right now.’ (p. viii) This book really helps change the perspective many have that stepfamilies are second best or inferior to a perspective of hope and possibility. It’s not just about step-moms or step-dads or their children, it’s about the entire system, including grandparents as well as other extended families members. Gloria addresses in detail many of the issues stepfamilies refuse to look at such as grieving, money and sex. She demonstrates over and over again just how successful stepfamilies get there, in a way that encourages positive changes. “The information here is a great resource for all, from clinical and social workers that help individuals and families, to teachers, pastors, and coaches as well as anyone contemplating entering in a relationship as a step-person. As a stepparent and a coach, this book will be highly recommended as a starting point for our work together. “The book also provides a list of great resources to those seeking help at different stages of Step relationships I hope you enjoy this book and get as much out of it as I did.” Claudette Chenevert, Stepfamily Life Coach, AKA The Stepmom Coach, THE HEALING POWER OF GRIEF: The Journey Through Grief to Life and Laughter, (Champion Press, 2006) “With insight and compassion, the authors lead readers through their grief and into a healed future of purpose and joy. For the bereaved, their family and friends who don't know where to turn, these are the pages to turn to.” Eleanore Osborne, Daytona Beach News-Journal “Great chapter; I love ‘Pennies From Heaven’! THE HEALING POWER OF GRIEF is a poignant reminder that our loved ones are with us - always!” Dougall Fraser, But You Knew That Already: What a Psychic Can Teach You About Life (Rodale Books, 2005) “The authors do a magnificent job of guiding the reader through grief, in both its emotional and pragmatic sense. This comprehensive book, which provides space for journaling one’s recovery, will undoubtedly be an enormous asset to the field of grief recover for years to come.” Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D., psychotherapist, author of The Next Fifty Years: A Guide for Women at Midlife and Beyond; co-author of I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye “As the CEO of a mortuary and memorial park many grief recovery books cross my desk each year. All too often these books contain essential information but the presentation is imposing and esoteric. The Healing Power of Grief is written in every day language and in an easy to understand format. The anecdotes are real life and relate to all who are in the successive stages of the grieving process. The workbook exercises are clear, helpful and direct the participant with meaningful topics. I would be proud to have this book in our library.” Mark Friedman, CEO, Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary, Los Angeles, CA THE HEALING POWER OF LOVE: Transcending the Loss of a Spouse to New Love, (Champion Press, 2006). THE HEALING POWER OF LOVE is an Award-Winning Finalist in the "Self-Help: Relationships" category of the Best Books 2006 National Book Awards of USABOOKNEWS.COM. “Through its honesty, wisdom and real-life stories, the book helps readers make the journey to new love. An excellent book, too, for family and friends of the bereaved.” Eleanore Osborne, Daytona Beach News-Journal “Gloria and Marilyn have written and compiled a book filled with the personal accounts of others who are in loving relationships once again after grieving the loss of a spouse. I wish I could have found this uplifting and validating resource, which reads like a best-selling novel, when I was grieving my own spouse.” Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D., psychotherapist, author of The Next Fifty Years: A Guide for Women at Midlife and Beyond; co-author of I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye “What a wonderful companion book to The Healing Power of Grief. The Healing Power of Love takes that next step as people proceed through their grief at the loss of a spouse or significant other. The book is life affirming and upbeat. The anecdotes are extremely helpful as we welcome new people into our lives and into our families.”Mark Friedman, CEO, Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary, Los Angeles, CA. THE NEWLY DIVORCED BOOK OF PROTOCOL: How To Be Civil When You Hate Their Guts (Barricade Books, l995). An intimate look at divorce, its problems and their solutions. It reveals what divorce tells us about ourselves, the realities of child custody and caring for our children, collecting support money, the legal process, dating again, etc. An encyclopedia of practical, no-nonsense advice for successfully dealing with divorce problems. "This book offers wise and witty advice to help you successfully cope with the realities of divorce and come out the other end happier than you ever thought possible," Eleanore Osborne, reviewer, Daytona Beach News-Journal. Portuguese Edition - 2000 CHEAP CHIC: A Guide to LA's Resale Boutiques is a directory of 85 Los Angeles resale stores carrying designer, bridal, maternity, children's vintage, and teenage "funk" clothing. Includes maps and discount coupons. The ultimate guide to recycled beauty. RetroChic! A Guide to Fabulous Vintage and Designer Resale Shopping in North America & Online – Really Great Books, Los Angeles, 2002 “Mixing vintage with contemporary clothes is the ultimate way to make a unique style statement. But unless you know where to shop, you can spend frustrating hours searching through heaps of cast-offs without finding a single gem. Costume designer Diana Eden and fashion columnist Gloria Lintermans have done the homework for us. RETRO CHIC is the ultimate, in-the-know, guide to finding the good stuff, in stores and on-line.” Jan Lindstrom, Fashion Writer, Daily Variety “That’s what you call a really self-explanatory title. Suffice to say that this lovingly researched, intuitively organized handbook—the product of a collaboration between a top Hollywood costume designer and a renowned fashion columnist—is a must for vintage-attire freaks at home, on the road or online.” SG "Hits Daily Double" Online/"Weekend Popcult Top 10" “Pop Retro Chic (Really Great Books, $19) in your handbag the next time you go scavenging for vintage clothes.This smart guide to shops all over North America tells you where to find the best buys of yesteryear -- movie-star wardrobes in L.A., New Look Dior in Toronto, even Courreges on-line. We love the "designs and designers of yesteryear" section, which details the fashions to fook for.” Travel and Leisure Magazine, March 2003, GETTING RESOURCEFUL Freelance and Ghostwriter: Ultimate Success by Anneli Driessen The Making of a Millionaire by William Wagner Yes, You CAN! by Richard Showstack Prelude to Armageddon by Lt. Col. Norm Bayley U.S.M.C. (Ret.) Playgirl Presents: The Beauty Group, Slimmer Magazine, American Way Magazine, Los Angeles Parent Magazine, The Noise Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Valley Magazine, Vantage Magazine, Modern Bride, NailPro, Credit Union Executive, Health Facilities Management, U.S. Industrial News, Business Digest, Insurance Networking Magazine, Los Angeles Business Journal, IT Professional, The Journal of Lending & Credit Management, Packaging World, Packaging Digest, Financial Planning, Realtor Magazine, The Journal of Business Management U.S. Industry Today, Software Developer & Publisher, Quality Digest, IT Professional, Railway Age, Human Capital Strategy & News, Workforce Magazine, Relations, Inc., Good Fruit Grower, The Journal of Business Strategy Handbook, President's Strategies & News, Building Operating Management, Valley Supplement/Los Angeles Business Journal, For the Record, Tradeshow & Exhibit Manager, Mortuary Management Radio: "LOOKING GREAT with Gloria Lintermans," KIEV Los Angeles, Monday-Friday talk show, 120 shows aired, 1986-1987 Guest Appearances: “Healthy Advice by Good Neighbor Pharmacy with Dr. Gene Steiner,” KRLA, Los Angeles, CA, "Life After Lunch," Denver, CO, "Danielle Sullivan" LA, "Michael Jackson," LA, "Donna Mason Show," Raleigh, NC, "Liz Maita Show," New Brunswick, NJ, "The Dunuta Show," Eugene, OR, "Talk Line with Brian Teegarden," Yakima, WA, "The Penny Wolfgang Show," Buffalo, NY, "Pete Braley Show," Fairhaven, MA, "Steve Kalk Show," Beaver Falls, PA, "Morning Drive with John Dawson," Albany, GA, "Tim Quinn Show," Bridgeport, CT, "Double Talk with Barry Martin," Napa, CA, "George Brown Show," Worcester, MA, "Fort Collins Forum with P.J. Clark," Ft. Collins, CO, "Something You Should Know About with Mike Carruthers," Nationally Syndicated, "Kent Slocum Show," Grand Rapids, MI, "Morgantown AM," Morgantown, WV., "The Jack Recordi Show," San Antonio, TX, "Charlie Fitzsimmons Show," Rochester, NY, "Guest Relations with Dr. Duffy Spencer," Westbury, NY, "Memphis in the Morning," Memphis, TN, "KZLA Morning Show," LA, "The John Hill Show," Port Huron, Michigan, "Marie Pinkard Show," Baltimore, Maryland, and "What You Show Know About," Philadelphia, PA, "Healing the Grieving Heart" with Drs. Gloria & Heidi Horsley, National, “Live at the Edge” with Doris Jeanette, Psy.D., Television: "LOOKING GREAT with Gloria Lintermans," a weekly, half-hour talk show, woman's magazine format, 118 shows aired in Los Angeles, CA on cable television, 1986-1988 Guest Appearances: "Mid-Day News," Ch. 7, Denver, "Alive & Well," national cable, "Mid-Day News," KTTV, LA, "Frankly Female," KHJ, LA, "Daybreak," KABC, LA, "Hour Magazine," Nationally Syndicated, "Consumer Trends," NEWS, KTLA, LA, "AM Los Angeles," (ongoing appearances) KABC-TV, LA, KNBC News, Fox Television News, and "Ask E Jean," America's Talking Network, CNBC.

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