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I am an Expat from USA currently living in Egypt. I moved here in 2008. I live comfortably here, and have had no harm come to me. Ofcourse, I have to be careful what I do and where I go. But, that is important any where. I love doing crochet, paper crafts, painting, redecorating my flat (apt.). My Egyptian husband is a great man. He is always tending to me with a smile that never stops. He makes me laugh every day too. We have one cat, Rosey, a long-haired white Persian. She's attentive to me. I have Fibromyalgia. It hurts. I can afford the medicines I need to endure at a very low cost here. Everything is low cost and within my little budget except luxury items, such as cars, which I don't need. I can always get a taxi anytime, and for long trips, I can get a private taxi. I love the sunshine and warm temperatures. My body feels much more comfortable without weather fronts moving through all the time. I have two grown sons in the States, and 4 grandchildren. I have one sister living also. I do miss the States and would like to be able to visit there another time, but I feel Egypt is more welcoming and more my home. I am glad I came. Still slowly learning Arabic after all these years, but it's a very difficult language to learn, especially for me. My husband is so good to translate it to me. His family has welcomed me with open arms and open hearts. The people on our street have welcomed me and are always looking out for my safety and welfare. Several times, one of them will come to me, asking if I need anything. How sweet is that? I enjoy looking after a few house plants. I guess that's all about me.

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