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Born in New Jersey, and raised in a Detroit Michigan suburb. I had 2 children, and have been married twice. After a long term relationship I have been single for a couple of years now. I have 3 adult my early adulthood I was a hairdresser, and Cosmetologist for about 15 years. I then changed careers and worked very hard to become a chef and restaurant manager. Food service has been my career choice for the remainder of my working years. I am now retired, trying to reinvent this next stage of my life. I still enjoy all kinds of music and the Detroit music scene is very versatile. I'm also in love with Art and enjoy visiting the galleries and meeting the artists. I travelled up to the North West Michigan area and visited several of our wineries and our beautiful coast. I live in a beautiful state.i also try to give a bit by feeding the Homeless a hot meal and passing out necessities a couple times a month, and volunteer time at an Easter Seals project for the Mentally Ill, helping to teach employable skills. I really enjoy comedy, going to shows, hanging out with cocktails and lunch or dinner with friends or hopefully someone I find who becomes more than a friend. Laughing is what I do best. Acceptance, is something I've finally learned in my 63 years. If there is a problem, do what I can to fix it. If there's nothing I can do, just wait it out. It will figure itself out in its own time. I still love to look at beautiful cars, motorcycles, and especially architecture. It doesn't matter if it's a big NYC Art Deco skyscraper, or a beautifully designed home in the middle of nowhere. It sure would be fun to find a travel companion. I've never been overseas or even seen the West Coast. I'd love to meet new people who still love Rock n Roll, got into mischief in their teens, and still love life.

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