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If you ever need a bit of a tip about how to multi-task, the man you want to see is Mark Sindone. Mark was born in Sydney and he grew up and studied there as a kid. Even now as a man about to graduate from the University of Sydney, he holds a lot of fond memories of the area and knows that there will always be ties holding him to the beautiful city in Australia. For one, he met his sweetheart there and they have been dating for 5 years. They are planning wedding for next year in the outskirts of the city after having met at a sports club in Sydney all those years ago. That isn’t surprising as Mark loves outdoor activities and discovering new ones when he can. At the moment, the favourite sport for him and his buddies is water polo and other water sports - even leisure swimming! Besides his studies, Mark also juggles work as a full-time manager of a self storage company in Inner West Sydney, a franchise outlet that he set up while studying. There are a lot of things to do at the Supercheap Storage warehouse every day, so if planning a wedding, studying for his law degree, balancing an active social schedule AND being the owner of a successful business isn’t multi-tasking, then what is? At Supercheap Storage, the daily activities include organising the trucks and the inventory within the warehouse - there are always a lot of mobile storage pods moving in and out, managing the phone lines and answering customer inquiries while at the same time ensuring that existing customers continue to receive premium services that they’ve paid for. All of this is in the name of giving the Supercheap Storage customers the best storage experience they’ve ever had at the cheapest price possible. We’ve got a load of amazing concepts being utilised here to give you an amazing discount on the prices you normally see at the traditional storage outlets. Besides the portability of our mobile storage pods, we offer you the peace of mind that our storage solutions won’t break the bank - that’s why we’re called super cheap storage!

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