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I had high hopes for Boomeon, but it seems to have turned into a spam magnet with no monitoring by the owner or the people hired to create/manage the site. Perhaps it has been abandoned? At any rate, it didn't live up to its potential and that's a pity

I like to create websites and play with code. As I watched Boomeon fall apart, I started working with someone else on a new project which is now open: Epic Years, a social network for people 40+, had its grand opening on July 30, 2016. There are still things at Epic Years that can be improved, but we are working on it! Drop by and check us out!

On 22 November 2014, I stumbled across the fact that css/html can be used to add a little styling to the profile page. But, no one seems interested, LOL - not even the people who managed the site. I don't know why they didn't promote the feature, but they didn't. I did create a post explaining how to do a little styling, but then, when the spammer set up camp, I deleted the posts in the group I had.

It looks like this site is basically closed. Someone just forgot to turn out the lights.

Come see us at Epic Years, LOL.

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