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Melody Pepaj is the host and founder of Grey Hair Lady and believe we are getting better like fine wine. One day her daughter said to her mom “why don’t you color your hair it make you look younger”. Melody just cut off about 10 inches to get the blonde out of her hair and to go natural. She looked in the mirror and thought screw this I’m a grey hair lady and it is who I am. So she created a web site to host her new show. She has been broadcasting live on the net for about 10 from radio to live streaming broadcast and is self taught. Melody is the type that never sleeps as she says “I will sleep when I die” She looks 40 acts 12 but is really 60 and proud of it. Like many from the 60’s she never thought she would live to see 30. She is ageless and still dances to disco when ever she can. Melody feels that learning new things is the key to the fountain of youth and thinks of her self a geek. She is self taught in editing audio, video, building web sites and has produce thousands and thousands hours of live broadcasting. Thinking out of the box is what Melody and the site Grey Hair Lady is about. It’s not a blog but a Live TV on the net that will highlight people and their stories about what it was like growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. We saw it all and we are still here to talk about it and still here to make a different. We are child of the 60’s and how they call us baby boomers but we are more than that. We are history and the things that we have learned about life are priceless. We are not getting older we are getting better. As Melody says “I want to live till I’m 130 and when I die. I want my last words to be WHAT A RIDE”.

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