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I have been single for 13 years after being married two times to the accumulation of 40 years, 20 on each. I live in a beautiful State, Washington, which is all green and just awesome weather, even tho it is famous for it rain amount. I have five kids, three of which are my own and two spouses of two of my own. I have four grandchildren, and almost four great grandchildren, one of which died after birth. I am a believer in Jesus as my Savior and that belief controls all of my life choices usually. I have slipped at times and made wrong choices. I have a great sense of humor and luckily can laugh at myself, which I might add, keeps me laughing 24/7 because I can do and say some of the dumbest things. LOL I have a sweet Bichon Frese to keep me company..and to make life interesting. I have been retired for 3 years after working 14 years at a homeless shelter, which was one of the largest blessing in my life.

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