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I've been married (once) for 40+ years and have 4 grown children, three (daughters) of whom are married and (currently) there are seven grandchildren. The youngest, "Moe" (there was 'Eeny', "Meeney", and "Miney" and we thought there'd be no "Moe" -- there's a 10 yr gap between #3 & #4)) lives at home, finally has a full-time part time job but when home he can be found sequestered in his bedroom ensconced behind his computer. Then there is the clowder of now five cats that live with me... a legacy of daughters with cat-fancy fever and husbands/children with cat-fever allergies. These felines are my second family. I'm a "retired Army Wife" (toughest job in the Army!) and lived in Germany for a total of 11.5 years I worked as an English Second Language Tutor in the school district and to expatriated German and Japanese Engineers working in the automotive industry, their wives and children. Additionally, I wrote a student newsletter and served as a Relocator, helping these clients assimilate to life in the United States. I don't actually speak Japanese... but I understand Janglish quite well. I 'retired' from tutoring and became full-time Nanny Granny to the newest grandchild... and possibly my recently retired husband.

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