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I grew up in San Jose, California which wasn't Silicon Valley until much later. My father and his mother were born in San Francisco and my mother was born in a logging camp in 1924 up in Northern California. My employment journey began as a Vista Volunteer in 1967 Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. I married an African-American young man long before others, and we have two adult children. One is an author and has adopted 5 sweet boys. Like many others in San Jose, most of my working life was working with computers. I worked for Nortel longest. I'll list other talents and hobbies: Was an athlete, swimmer then shot putt and finally track coach. Studied piano and art. Won cooking contests. (Still love to cook healthy food!) I've traveled more than most. Was a single parent many years and caregiver to my parents. At age 57 I became ill with migraines and fibromyalgia. My husband divorced me because I couldn't work. My whole life changed and I had to start over. I didn't have furniture or silverware but I began a new life close to my daughter in Colorado. What a joy! I've made a few new friends, became an authority ,of sorts, on Chinese Tea, and attend a Greek Orthodox Church that has helped mend my sorrow.

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