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I’m Scott F. Barnett, J.D., LL.M. (Taxation). Born and raised in Miami, Florida; now living in Tampa. I’ve been at it since 1973 after I got my Master’s Degree in Taxation at the New York University School of Law; and I was admitted to the Florida Bar. That is around 40 years ago. In that time I’ve learned a lot; not just about the technical stuff. I’ve learned a lot about people. And I’ve learned about their issues and hesitations to do retirement and estate planning. For more than 40 years I have dealt with > Single Individuals and Married Couples; > Previously Married Individuals with Children from the Previous Marriage > Families (especially those with minor children); > Middle Class People and Rich People > Widows, Widowers and No Longer Married > Baby Boomers (I’m one of those); > Families with Special Needs Children (Minor or Adult) > Retirees; and, > Closely held Business and Professional Practice owners I have some wonderful experiences and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t when you are trying to complete it. Now I still consult and help people find retirement and estate planning solutions with "no risk of market loss" instruments. Between them, they can build a tax-free retirement income that can last the rest of your life. Also, I've started a website/blog to help laypeople better understand retirement and estate planning. Through that I can help folks get their retirement and estate planning done. I coach, not teach, so the process is easier and goes to completion; leaving one with the Peace of Mind you and your family are secure. Please visit http://www.scottfbarnettconsulting.com and sign up to get my FREE CHECKLIST "The 9 Safest Ways to Build an Income That Can Last the Rest of Your Life." I look forward to meeting everyone and offering what I can to the dialogues.

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