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I started life in a relatively small or rural town. While growing up, I spent my summers working on my grandparents ranch. After marriage I moved to the beautiful mountains south of the Tetons and next to the Bridger Teton Forest. I loved the country although it's a very hard place for a single Mom to work and support her kids. So, after three children, a move to another state, a divorce, a few careers, children grown and into their own families, I separated from working and went to Tucson to care for my elderly parents. After my Mom passed, I moved back to my previous city while flying back and forth to help my sister and visit my Dad. My summer is spent going to the mountains every chance I get and camp. I think I've learned so much and worked in so many different career paths that I'm a pretty "well rounded" as the words go... I feel I have been blessed so much in my lifetime. The struggles, albeit physical, emotional or financial have helped me develop more and more empathy towards my fellow human being and our animal friends. I'm pretty liberal when it comes to my views on life, religion and politics.

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