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I am an international mission worker / investor. My life is defined by FAITH, FAMILY & FOCUS. I believe in the quote by Mark Twain: There are two important days in your life. 1. The day you were born AND 2. The day you learn why you were born I also believe you learn more by LISTENING then talking. The values I seek in my self and others is the development of CHARCHTER and INTEGRITY that is authentic and transparent. Time is the most valued possession we have in this life. One day I beleive each one of us will have to give an accounting of what we did with our time and who did we spend it with. Our final journey will be determined on by how much we give, love and serve others and not to ourselves. The most powerful day in my life is when I was completely broken and had no rocks left to turn over and surrendered my will and life to God. My life's journey has been a long road to faith. I will be 59 years old on this coming Christmas. You will understand the complexity of this journey. When you Learn how I spent about 57 years of those 59 years leaving as an atheist. We exist in two dimensions one physical and one spiritual. Our spiritual being has a vertical relationship with God and our physical being has a horizontal relationship forming the cross we all carry. When one understand what it means to seek and understand the face of God. That defines the authenticity of your CHARCHTER and INTEGRITY and a measure of your FAITH. We are all taught to display and wear multiple faces depending on our relationships. We have two interchangeable faces within each of these many faces one PUBLIC one PRIVATE. God only has one face in all situations. Our challenge is to remove as many faces as we can and have only once face. The face of God as it is revealed to us and to reflect that face back to God in our vertical Spiritual dimension and in our horizontal physical dimension. In other words to become one with God. I beleive in having a relationship with God I do not beleive in Religion. My personal motto life is hard work, but who says you can not have fun along the way. On my grave I want it to say. Son job well done. WELCOME home.

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