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Semi retired and enjoying it. Living in florida but still itching to get back into my own business once again .im on here looking for interesting conversations about goals and the what not to do sort of thing from people with knowledge and experience education and understanding of someone's goals and desires.i had my own business for 27 yrs and now trying to get into the 21rst century of computers and phones. I never had time nor desire to become familiar with them before.it was not needed in any of my previous professional working. I worked outside of my own business for about 25 of those 27 yrs doing many different things. Hoping to meet interesting people from all aspects of life on here.My family is my life but Im away from them now .14 nieces and nephews brothers sister great aunts aunts uncles and cousins .all 1000 miles away or futher. Im in a comfort zone of quiet drama free everyday life.

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